Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Spring Opening....Winter Versus Spring....We Won!

Let's keep score...
Ok...we are well aware that it looked like this...
 But we had this!
The Flowers had to win out over the icicles.
Hardly even noticed those icy little things.

And the sight of this would warm
any heart and it most definitely
added a point to our score.
Real flowers in our window boxes 
on March 1st...
(Thanks to Cross Creek Nursery)
Come on now...another point for 
Old and Everlasting and Spring!
We keep the lead!

Oh...but this...
a dreaded sight...
Our sweet customer took the day off
 to come to Old and Everlasting
and got stuck outside...
Problem was solved and we had a
very content customer warm and cozy
inside the store surrounded by Springtime...
Maybe a tie on this one????
we maintain the lead...(-:
Can you see it?
It was indeed everywhere you looked...
Not just a hint of it...
truly everywhere...
can you see the seeds for
Spring Planting?
Yet another plus for
Old and Everlasting!

Sunny Spring days are coming you know...
we are forever the optimists...
for sure a point for that!

There they are!!!!!
(cheating a little...extra mileage on the seeds)
And they were selling like hotcakes..
More proof that we are hopeful and 
Oh boy another point!!
Winning out over Winter is
quite easy!
First glimpse inside our door....
why would you want to look back
at the white stuff outside?
Of course not...
close the door and step inside
Makes you feel good doesn't it?
no more blah,dreary days...
Let's plan for warmer weather..
A pretty scarf or lovely 
jacket will do the trick!
Of course it will!
Yet another point...
We win...we win!

Thank you for visiting
Old and Everlasting on our 
Spring 2013 Opening Weekend!
Remember now...you must keep
experiencing Springtime in order for
it to arrive!
If you do that it will be here
faster than you can snap your fingers!
Really and truly...
OH~~~~~ but wait...wait....
we have BONUS points here!

A friendly goat or two waiting at 
the gate for company...
Sir Hemingway is quite convinced
it's Spring!
He is more than ready to say hello
and maybe check out your packages...
FYI....they have been known
to taste a paper bag or two!
So bring on Spring
say the GoAtS!

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