Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Where did you get those Glasses?????

Where did you get those glasses?...a
question I would hear often when 

wearing a pair of eye bobs
 that I had purchased
several months earlier.

And I would say... they are eye bobs!
And what are eye bobs?
It's a line of super cool reading glasses
that we have been hemming and hawing
about carrying at the store.
Well the hemming and hawing is over
because they are happily
sitting on a shelf at
Old and Everlasting... waiting
for that fashion minded customer to
walk by and say "my these
are handsome glasses"...

Eye bobs are made with Optical Quality frames 
from top grade Italian plastics.
Flexible hinges, high quality lenses, and
Style and Quality that far exceed other readers.
These frames can even be fitted with 
your own prescription lenses by your Optician.
Imagine having that option....  
Oprah loves them...
And we think you will too!
After all when it's time to wear 
reading glasses why not have fun 
 with it!
Our colorful shipment has just arrived!

Come find a pair that matches your 
or very Savvy!
Either way it's a win win.
The Quality is exceptional and
the Styles are delightful!
Hope to SEE you soon!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Smitten with SPARTINA 449

After waiting...
And waiting...
And waiting...
Our Spartina handbags have finally arrived!
And worth the wait it was!
The Styles,Colors,and Patterns in the
fall collection are
Let us introduce you to
A name that comes from the native marsh
 grasses that grace the shore of
 Daufuskie Island, South Carolina.
This wonderful handbag line was
inspired by the island, and a portion
 of the proceeds are being contributed 
 to this islands culture and preservation.

What would be the perfect words to describe
 this 100%
Linen and Leather Handbag and 
Accessory line...
Let's start with Stunning...
Take a look at the colors...
Smart color combinations and patterns
 in delightfully durable linen, protected
 with a water and stain resistant coating.

Now that's SMART!
A SASSY black and creme might just fit the bill!
STYLISH Wallets,Wristlets
and Coin Purses...
SPLENDID Spartina Scarves...
SHELVES filled with Spartina...
Oh what a lovely sight...
Stylish and Spectacular!
Well now that sure does cover it.

Why not Stroll over and see our newly
arrived collection of Spartina sometime
It's SPARTINA Season at
Old and Everlasting!