Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fresh and New and Happy...for YOU!

One of our very most favorites....
A Fresh New Card and Stationery line...
Love the line and love the folks who
created it! 
Take a look...

it's a happy little line...

Sweet Notes, Pens,Pencils,Stationery
and Cards...
You can tell when someone LOVES
what they do...
That would be this line...
and that would be why we LOVE it so...

A little birdie told me that there
are many more Happy things to see...

we'll start with just a few...
Would pretty colored bottles sitting
on a windowsill make you happy?

What about the pleasant sight of
American made Birdhouses?
Do we see a little Smile?
We hope to make your Spirit soar...
with some of our favorite books...
a reason to be happy we believe...

Colorful Spring flowers
waiting for you make you just a
wee bit giddy?

Now look if all that does not make you happy
we certainly will...
and if we don't make you feel happy
inside then we think that maybe
someone may have gotten out of
the wrong side of the bed this morning...
So...we'll be here waiting for you
to appear...
We are sitting in a far corner waiting
for admirers...
By the way we have friends here too
 and there's lots more to see!
Clothing, Accessories and so many
pretty Spring Scarves you will be
grinning from ear to ear!
We'll all see you this weekend
as Old and Everlasting opens
it's doors to begin it's
25th Birthday Year!
Spring Opening!
March 1st 10-4
March 2nd 10-4
March 3rd 12-4
Our regular hours begin after that
OPEN~ Thursday thru Saturday 10-4
Sunday 12-4

Be happy good friends!

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