Wednesday, August 1, 2012

From Cazenovia with Love...

This charming sign is quite popular these days.
So popular that we just sold the last one!
But not to worry more are on their way
accompanied by a short and sweet sign that
simply says   CAZ...
And our shelves are stocked
with these pretty Cazenovia mugs!
An appropriate gift for those coffee
or tea sippers...
Handmade using Vintage postcard
designs of favorite Cazenovia scenes
 these potholders may be much too
 lovely to use...
  Perhaps a special place to hang
would be just perfect...
Dear little Cazenovia tiles...
and lovely Cazenovia Soap...
a sweet small gift that 

says it all..
And look what just flew in!
Adorable cards! Send a thoughtful card

 to someone to say hello!
 Or maybe a Cazenovia
magnet card would be fun to receive.
Either one is unique...and available

at Old and Everlasting...

~Whether you live in Cazenovia or
have special memories here,
it's always nice to know what

is available for sharing with someone
special in your life...
And don't forget to sign it
...from Cazenovia with Love...

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