Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The History of Bayberry Candles...

"A Bayberry candle, burned to the socket,
puts luck in the home, food in the larder,
and gold in the pocket"

Legend has it that a gifted bayberry 
candle will bring Good Luck
 and Good Fortune to those
who receive it. 

Now a little history for you...
 Colonial women began the tradition
 of boiling the berries of the bayberry
 bush only to discover a sweet
smelling wax with a long clean burn.
One pound of Bayberry wax requires 15 
pounds of bayberries, so these  
candles were only burned on
 special occasions in colonial times.
And so the tradition began of gifting these
candles at Christmas time...

Because it was an extremely time 
consuming and difficult process  
 it became less and less popular
 over the years.
Until 1926....
 Mabel Kimball Baker is recognized 
as reviving this lost art  
 by starting a very successful
candle business which began in her kitchen.

And so the symbol of the 
Bayberry Candle
lived on...
Folklore for you....
~Many Christians believe that the light of
the Bayberry Candle will welcome the
Christ child in to their homes. 
~According to colonial folklore 
sweethearts who are separated at
 Christmas should light a 
Bayberry Candle and be reunited by the
candle's gentle aroma.

Old and Everlasting carries a quality
line of American made Bayberry Scented
candles available in a box of two 
complete with good luck poem.
A traditional Holiday fragrance 
for all to enjoy this Christmas Season....

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