Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What's new Wednesday...

Can you believe your EYES?
Don't they look like real candles?
And wait till you see them in person!
These fireless candles look so realistic.
Dancing and flickering...
Sweetly scented...
 Made of real wax...
Safe and so pretty...
We decided they are the perfect candle!
These battery powered candles
were developed by Disney and are now
available at Old and Everlasting.
 They are 5 inch pillars
  which run on two D alkaline
 batteries with the average battery
 life being 240 hours. 
And better yet just set the timer function.
 It will flicker for 5 hours and turn off
for 19 hours. Set it and forget it!
Our customers are Loving these candles!
We are happy to say that our second shipment
 has just arrived.
Available in Ivory,Sage, and Burgundy.

What's new Wednesday will return...
maybe a new arrival...
maybe a new discovery...
or maybe just for fun!

We'll see you soon!

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